Friday, February 1, 2008

Who trashed my house?

Okay 'fess up'

Who done it?

My house looks like a bomb has hit it and i want an explanation!

I'm not fooling you am I........

Ok..... twas me..........

I have been re-organising

Well TRYING to :o)

I went and bought some tubs today at Big W and a $2 store and came home and got stuck in....

They are not the ones I REALLY WANTED but there are two reasons for that;

1. I wanted IKEA ( I LURVE IKEA) but IKEA is over an hours drive away
2. I couldnt afford anything better

I paid $2-$4 each for these ones so not too bad and they will do for now (famous last words)

The problem is I have pulled everything out of my linen cupboard and organised half of it......... then I started on our large Welsh Dresser........ pulled it all out and havent got far with that one either.......... then I started pulling everything off the bookshelves in the computer area........... can you see a pattern here? Yep thats right........ Im a 'starter' but I dont finish things before I start the next one LOL

Tsk Tsk - Im terrble!

But I promise over the next few days I will have it all cleaned up and take pictures to show you

Pressures on now........

Talk soon xxooxo

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