Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day! xoxoxoxo

Massive mind blank there... I was trying to think of a title - so i went for the corny Valentines one!!

So its been another 3 days since i blogged......... tsk tsk

Its been busy but mostly boring....... except for last night :)

DH went to see "Priscilla the musical" at The Regent Theatre in Melbourne.

I had bought tickets for DH for his birthday last month... he has always been a big Priscilla Queen of the Dessert fan!

What can I say about it? IT WAS AWESOME - we laughed and danced and laughed

We sat 8 rows from the front - could not have picked a more perfect spot!

I got showered in confetti and popped on the head by a ping pong ball. I also had one of the cast make a beeline for me and try get me upon stage NOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY!

I so wish I had the 'balls' so to speak to do things like that - but all I could think was OMG NO I AM WAY TO FAT - I felt like everyone in the theatre would be looking at me and think "Lay off the McDonalds woman"

Anyway, it was an awesome night and worth every penny - I just wish I could afford to take the kids - they would just love it.

Today I took The Actress and Ms Sarcasm to the Dentist - both will need braces ($$$$$$$$) but they are not urgent. So now we need x-rays etc and then we can get some costings and see where we can go from there.

Money money money

I am sooooooooooooooo sick of paying out money!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt get a menu plan done this week - need to do it but have so much else to get done - need to get the Football notes out for registration day next week, get more listed on ebay, catch up on housework and much much more

A mummies work is never done

OH I got flowers today from DH - he also gave each of the 3 girls a sngle red rose - so so sweet

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