Saturday, February 2, 2008

Moody B*tch

Am I allowed to say that word here?

My blog so I say I can................

Who am I talking about? Why its ME!

Last night cheeky climbed into our bed and I tossed and turned for a while and thought if I stay here I am not getting ANY sleep tonight so I got up and went out to the boys room. There was no way I was climbing up into Cheekys bed (Top Bunk) - I had visions of it collapsing under my weight and poor Skinny Boy would be squashed. So I climbed into the bottom bunk with Skinny Boy and tried to go to sleep.

Problem was - we were at opposite ends of the bed so I ended up being half awake all night trying to make sure I didnt kick him in the head or squash his little legs.

So after all that I got stuff all sleep anyway...................... and man I woke up G R U M P Y !

I had so many plans for today, things I wanted to get done before DH went to work at 1.30pm... NONE of it was done - or even started.

Poor DH - he is so sweet.... he laid next to me on the bed and tried to cuddle me and cheer me up and all I could do was cry and glare at him.

I felt all "stereotypical" woman........... You know the drill........

DH "Whats the matter honey?"


DH "So cheer up baby"

ME "I CANT, Im too UPSET!!!"

DH "So there must be something wrong. Tell me, what is it?"

ME "I dont KNOW!!!"

DH "Tell me what I can do to fix it and make you happy then"

ME "Oh you just DONT UNDERSTAND!!"

Poor guy lol

Looking back its almost comical... but the truth is I just felt so overwhelmed and I prob couldnt tell anyone exactly what was wrong. He asked me if he did anything wrong........ and I couldnt think of anything he had done or said that upset me........ yet I was feeling mad as heck at him...... Wheres the logic?

I feel so frustrated at the state of the house, that my get out of debt plan is not coming along as quick as I would like, I feel annoyed and frustrated at my weight........

And so I take it out on DH...................... Womans logic! Go Figure!

He starts holidays tomorrow for 2 weeks, he has worked the last 2 1/2 weeks straight so that may have something to do with it...... I am just telling myself to have a rest today (a rest from doing nothing - thats funny) and we can get stuck into the house and everything else over the next 2 weeks....

Sorry my little blog, I had to rant and rave and get those feelings out - maybe I can come back this afternoon and be much more positive and happy.....

bbl xoxoxo

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