Saturday, February 16, 2008

Theres a black rain cloud hanging over my head...

I have been in the foulest mood today - dunno why... but I made myself stay in the bedroom away from the kids most of the afternoon so i didnt snap at them for no reason.

Wish i could pinpoint the reasons for these bad moods though

Anyhoo - we got word from the Kindy that Cheeky has got a place now, we went to get the paperwork this afternoon and he starts next Tuesday! He is soooo excited but me is sad - what will I do for 10 hours all by myself every week? OMG I cant be just me - Im a mummy not a real person!


I start my Pilates course tomorrow - I am soo excited!! I have always wanted to do it.... I will prob be so sore but heck you only live/die once lol

Got a busy weekend - but I will do my best to get on and talk to you bloggie

sweet dreams xoxox

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