Monday, February 4, 2008

Grocery shop........

Yay we went grocery shopping today - its been like FOREVER since we did a proper shop.

We must have spent a fortune going to the shops every day to find something for dinner that night........ so to aid our new budget/get out of debt plan I put my foot down and demanded (asked - pleaded - begged) DH to go shopping with me this morning.

I EVEN planned a menu for the next 2 weeks AND made a shopping list AFTER checking our pantry and fridge/freezer! WOW Man I am GOOD hehe

Anyway the best bit?

We spent ONLY $280 All up - for 2 weeks worth of food for all 9 of us! (I say ONLY cos we were spending $30-$50 each trip to the store and we were going daily!)

This amount is all fruits and vege, meats and grocery and cleaning items - even catfood!!

I am soooo proud of us (espec myself lol)

I will need to go get milk and bread each 2 days but I will get DH to pick that up and only give him enough money to buy those items alone - he is better disciplined than i am in that respect. (Let him loose in a hardware store and thats a different matter!)

So now I am just going to finalise what meals we will have this week and then i might even be very brave and try link it to Lauras Menu Plan Monday (

Wish me luck!!


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