Friday, February 8, 2008


Im sorry little bloggie - i have been neglecting you again :o(

I have re-opened my ebay account and have spent the past couple of days listing furiously. We so need the money or my 'get out of debt' plan wont get off the ground.

So my nice clean house looks like a messy shop once more - thats ONE thing that I didnt miss since I stopped ebaying! I wish so much I could just have a room to do all this in - somewhere I didnt have to worry about stuff being everywhere. I get so embarrassed when someone pops over and sees the house like this..... so the choice is clean house or money!

I really need to brainstorm a better way to organise it all I think

Not much else to report, we have 9 kids in the house tonight, and apart from the TV being up full volume and someones music blaring from one of the bedrooms its not that bad.

I need/want/am begging for a bigger house...........

I can only dream

I will be back tomorrow xoxoxoxo

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