Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh my aching body.....

Gawd I hate the Gym

Well actually I dont - I just hate being so unfit that a simple workout darn near kills me!!

The good news is I have lost 2.5 kilos (5.5lbs I think) in the past month, the bad news is I cant see where I lost it from and i have every confidence that i will find it again soon LOL

The menu planning has taken a little of the stress away - I made the meat pie today, well I actually decided to make mini individual pies to make dishing up dinner a lil easier.

The Actress was at work, the youngest two wanted fish fingers but wow all 4 of the other kids LOVED the pie! So did DH - he even finished mine off cos I couldnt finish it (It WAS yummy tho)

So theres another meal I can add to the 'make again' list!

It was a busy day here today, had a friend from the football club come by so we could work on some more details for getting this season underway and DH had his mate finally show up to do some yard work on his mini excavator. I must say just a couple hours of work and the yard looks SOOO much neater and nicer. We even threw some grass seed down so fingers crossed the birds dont eat it all and we get some grass soon!

Other than that I took Sporty and Drama Queen to the Dentist - both got told off for not brushing often enough - I felt like an irresponsible parent but there is only so much nagging you can do right? Cheeky has a dental appointment tomorrow afternoon about his 'Ouchy Mouth' - hopefully we can make that stop hurting for him... my poor lil man.

I was so excited to come online tonight and see all the lovely messages people have left for me in regards to my menu plan - there are so many nice people out here in bloggie land - If any of you are reading this - THANK YOU SO MUCH xoxo I intend to go and visit each and every one of your websites (I love blog visitig lol)

I need to go have a hot shower and curl up on the couch I think - my legs are KILLING me lol (Someone please tell me this will get easier hehe)

Cya xoxoxo

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