Monday, February 11, 2008

And the worst mother award goes to..........



Oh... lets see........... Id like to thank...............

Oh hang on this isnt a GOOD thing....

I feel like sh*t

Sporty came up to me bout a month ago saying he had hurt his thumb at school - wrestling or some foolin around with his mates

I got him to move it, which he could no worries, so I said it aint broken so jut be careful and we will see how it goes.

A week later he mentions casually that its still feeling 'uncomfortable'

Mother (thats me) tells him he has prob bruised it - "You'll be right mate!"

2 weeks forward and in passing he asks "is it normal that it still hurts????"

Crap - ok I will get you to the docs mate and get it checked out

A few days later dh takes him off to docs

Doc says it looks fine but lets Xray just in case

Tonight we go back......................


Well 'fractured' in medical terms - just a very little chip - the doc assures me

I wanted the ground to swallow me up then and there - I felt SO BAD


Poor sporty - I hugged him and apologised - over and over and over - all the way home

SO NOW he has been diagnosed he has to wear a thumb/wrist splint for 3-4 weeks so it can get a chance to heal

Pity we are SO broke that he has to wait till thursday (payday) so we can afford the $29.95 for the splint (Geeez I am not doing very well this week eh)

So thats been my afternoon - need to sit down now and do my menu plan monday now (Thanks Ann for your nagging so I dont forget)

As always - me be back xoxo

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