Saturday, February 2, 2008

They want more WHAT??

The following is a true story lol

Over the summer months the majority of our meals are light and very casual. Sandwiches are very common as are BBQ'd meat and salad. Sometimes we have cold meats (Ham, Devon etc) with salad or even just toasted sandwiches (jaffles)........ all in all anything that requires little cooking and is easy and quick to put together.

This summer has been no different....... until tonight........ DH is at work and I was TRYING to get our room cleaned up so I just popped some chicken tenders (strips) and fish fingers in the oven and got totally lazy and decided to go get some hot chips from the takeaway shop to go with them. (Bad bad mummy)

So I dish up the kids dinners.......... they come a'runnin........

They stop.............

and look...........

A collective "oh"

Me: Wassup? You guys not hungry?

The Actress "Oh its ok, I was just hoping for veges with it"

Sporty "Yeh me too"

Ms Sarcasm: "At least some Peas..."

Drama Queen: "And some Brocolli and Beans..."


Oh talk about making mum feel 2" tall!

My children are asking me where their veges are - NO ONE warned me about this...... in fact no one I know has ever been faced with this problem.

Me: "Umm sorry kids - we will have veges tomorrow - I promise"

So I spoke to DH on his dinner break at work and told him about my parental failures........ he laughed and said we will have to make sure they get their vege fix over the next couple of weeks.

They say that the apple doesnt usually fall far from the tree........ but remembering my anti-vege days as a young girl........... these apples have rolled all the way into the next field!

Oh well - guess I cant complain lol

(But I think I just did!!)

More news on the house make-over - DH offered to take me to IKEA tomorrow and I was soooo excited but then I remembered that The Actress has to work from 12-4pm so there goes that idea. He also told me he has arranged for a mate from work to come by on Monday with his Mini Dingo Excavator to FINALLY level out the dirt in our back yard and hopefully do something with the front yard........... My first thought was OMG I have just tomorrow to clean the house before he comes by. (I hate people seeing our home for the first time in a big mess!)

SO I better snuggle down and get some rest - BIG day tomorrow

Night night my lil bloggie

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AnnCee said...

Vegetables!! HaHaHa!!

Onya kids! Annx